An ambitious six-year-old girl asks her grandfather to teach her to sing… but by 13 she could not find a seat at her school’s choir because her voice is considered too big, too loud, too strong. However, upon seeing such potential and ambition, her music teacher suggests “opera” … and that is where it all began. 

Maariana has performed for audiences all over the world, including for opera and theater lovers in the United States, for classical music fans in Europe and dignitaries in the Middle East. But eventually, Maariana wanted more than to sing the same mezzo-soprano roles over and over again: she wanted to innovate and create, as well as collaborate and bring joy to her audiences by sharing amazing new music ideas. At the same time, she wanted to honor all of the other music genres she enjoyed. 

Therefore, with the help of cellist Brian Sanders and producer Joshua Valleau, a new breed of music was born. By combining the world’s most beloved opera music with beats, synthesizer and other modern sounds inspired by trap music and other electronic genres, this new music layers both timeless and current sounds using rhythm, harmony and melody. Maariana's music is bold, passionate and inventive. And this is just the beginning…

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